The following guitar pick necklaces are 18 inches long on leather chord. One size fits all. If you should want a custom size, please e-mail us at

The picks are all authentic tour picks except in the case of the Queen Brian May guitar pick which is an official Queen pick but not a tour pick as Brian uses an English coin to play his guitar.
Ace Frehley guitar pick necklace Osaka 2/21/2001
Necklace is 18 inches in length. The pick is an authentic Kiss touring guitar pick.
Aerosmith Joe Perry necklace !
Joe Perry (Simpsons) authentic tour guitar pick necklace!
Gibson - necklace
Official Gibson guitar pick from New York City!
Hanson - necklace (blue)
2-sided Zac signature pick
Jesse McCartney - necklace
2-sided signature pick
Kiss Expo 2006 - necklace
Official NY Kiss Expo 06 pick
Linkin Park guitar pick neclace (Joe Hahn)
Necklace is 18 inches in length. The pick is an authentic Linkin Park touring guitar pick.
Poison - Brett Michaels (orange) necklace
Poison - Brett Michaels (orange)
Richie Sambora Bon Jovi - guitar pick necklace
2-sided signature pick. Other side says, "Wielding the Axe of Love".
Simple Plan - necklace
Starz - Richie Ranno - Starzfest necklace (red)
"Starzfest" was the name of Starz reunion tour.