KISS collectibles

Ace Frehley guitar pick necklace Osaka 2/21/2001
Necklace is 18 inches in length. The pick is an authentic Kiss touring guitar pick.
Kiss bracelit from 1970's !!
This bracelit was something that you would win in a gumball machine in the 1970's!
Kiss checks from Kiss Fan Club checkbook '70's!
3 checks - also includes check stubs. Guaranteed authentic & in mint condition from the Kiss Fan Club check book 1979. We acquired the check book directly from Aucoin Management, Kiss's manager from 1973 - 1985.
Kiss Expo 2006 - package includes three (3) guitar picks, unused ticket and pass
Kiss Expo 2006 - necklace
Official NY Kiss Expo 06 pick
Kiss Expo 2007 - package includes program, unused ticket and pass!
Kiss Expo program 2003 !
Kiss Expo program includes unused ticket, laminated pass and 2 Expo 2003 guitar picks! The photo does not show the white pearl pick but it is included in the package. Guaranteed authentic and in mint condition.
Kiss Expo program 2004 !
Kiss Expo program from 2004 includes unused ticket, laminated pass and 2 2004 Kiss Expo guitar picks. Guaranteed authentic and in mint condition.
Official Kiss Convention laminated pass 95-96
This pass is from the official Kiss Conventions that Kiss themselves put on in 1995 & 96 in 23 American cities. Guaranteed authentic and in mint condition.
Vinnie Vincent Invasion signed CD! Kiss
Former guitarist of Kiss - Vinnie Vincent Invasion signed CD - signed & numbered by Vinnie Vincent - Please call or e-mail for info as to which number is available - Guaranteed Authentic!
Warrior featuring Vinnie Vincent of Kiss - CD
Vinnie Vincent's band, Warrior. Former guitarist of Kiss and Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Previously unreleased. Includes members of New England - 10 tracks. Great recording quality. Not sure of the year - early 80's most likely.